Sales & Analysis

SEll, Sell, Sell

Amazing product. Check.
Priced it like a pro. Check.

What comes next?

Selling it.

Sales = Income = Profit
(Because by now you've read the Pricing Insight, bought your Pricing Calculator and got the right selling prices).

I'll leave the physical selling part to you.
I'm here to help with Tracking & Trading.


You've made a sale!

You will now:

  • Do a happy dance (yes, this is actually a thing)
  • Make your product / deliver your service
  • Have a happy customer

What you also need to do:

  • Track your sale

That sounds a bit less fun/glamorous/exciting (*delete as appropriate).
Why do I need to do that?

Because there's a little thing called accounts.

If you're self-employed, those charming people in the tax office will want to see your tax return every year. 

Without doubt tax returns cause an annual headache. It’s the bit we all hate to do. And while I have an excellent accountant who does my tax return they are sadly not psychic, so can't do it without seeing my income and expenses.

I have an accountant who does my tax return. While they are excellent, they are sadly not psychic, so can't do it without seeing my income and expenses.

Want to know a secret?

My headache isn't so bad!

I don't spend days printing off loads of individual invoices, gathering up scraps of paper I've stuffed in a box over the year and trying to make sense of them.
Instead, I track my sales and orders throughout the year by using my Flourish Tracker. It has me organised!

It keeps everything in one place, and I even have it linked to my Profit & Loss (P&L), so I can understand how my business is doing at any point.

Ta-da! I just saved loads of time AND stress.

But hang on. There's more.


Fancy using your sales tracker to make quicker, more informed decisions?

What if those decisions could help make you more profit?

Let's take a look.

sales Analysis:
Month, categoryproduct, Customer

Behind the data in your sales tracker is all sorts of useful information,
which will help you:

  • Optimise your time
  • Focus on profitable areas of your business
  • Have happy customers
  • Drive more sales and profit

I'll show you.

Say for example, the sales analysis shows that your sales are low in August.

If you can see when you're likely to
be quiet, then you can use your time effectively.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs,
use that quiet time to create new products or build stocks for a busier month, for example November and the lead up to Christmas.


But how do I know what stocks to build for Christmas?

By using the data and analysis in your sales tracker and ask yourself:

What did you sell last Christmas?
What was your best seller?
Did you miss any opportunities?
Could you prepare stocks in advance?
How many should you make?
When should you launch your products?
What could you add to the range or what could you drop?

This will:

Make your lead times shorter.
Allow you to fulfill more orders.
Delight your customers.

Generate more sales AND profit.

How do I get the right product range?

You don't have unlimited time. You need to prioritise, to focus on your winners

How many $0.20 renewals are you blindly making on Etsy?
I'm guilty of this, and they all add up!

So here's a task for you.

Look at your analysis and STOP renewing products which don't sell or make a profit.
Focus your time on the ones that do.

React to the trends you see, adapt your range in the right way.

Add new, exciting products that customers want, but also take out the ones they don't.

Flourish Retail-83.jpg

Focus on your customer AND your winning products.


Can I use the analysis to decide what product I should create next?

Yes! I have done this myself.

I make and sell felt animal kits (Lalaroo). I wanted to expand to sell digital downloads the kits. I didn't have time to do all of them (currently 11!), so
instead, I used my analysis to find my three best sellers and created those.

I optimised my time, focusing on what my customers
would want and would buy.

Who is my customer?

  • What are they buying?
  • Which platforms are they buying through?
  • Where do they live?

Spot country-specific trends, explore new options for shipping, selling or marketing.

Understand your customer and make them happy.



  • Save you time
  • Analyse & make the right decisions
  • Forward plan
  • Make YOU more SALES & PROFIT

...Is right here.

The Flourish sales trackerS