Sales & Analysis Trackers

customise to make it exactly what you need

1. easily Create your unique Product Hierarchy

Set your categories, sub-categories, and attributes to reflect YOUR business.
Saving you time, letting you interpret your data.

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*  You'll get a FREE BONUS INSIGHT on Product Hierarchies and Attributes
when you buy your Sales Tracker.*

2. Add your sales

Product hierarchy complete?
Tracking your sales is easy.

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3. Select colours, countries & platforms

Simple drop-down menus let you add your sales and analyse your data, fast.

Need to change a Colour or Country?
Add a different sales platform?
No problem!
With every template, at least 3 changes are FREE*.

(See what's included here).

4. automated analysis

Add the Analysis Pack, and all of your sales data automatically creates:

* Monthly Sales Analysis *
* Category Analysis *
* Sub-Category Analysis *
* Attribute Analysis *
* Colour Analysis *
* Country / Customer Analysis *
* Platform Analysis *

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Use the analysis to help you make the best decisions for your business.

5. now choose from 2 options:


  • Easy to customise Product Hierarchy

  • Sales Tracker

  • Grows with your orders




  • Easy to customise Product Hierarchy

  • Sales Tracker

  • Grows with your orders

  • Monthly Sales

  • Product & Sub Categories

  • Attributes

  • Colour

  • Country / Customer

  • Selling Platform





* Free Customisations include:

Currency, Selling Platforms & Fees, Transaction Providers & Fees.

Colour (Sales Trackers: Track & Track & Trade; Range Plan)

All other customisations are billable.

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