Range Plan

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Thank you for buying the
flourish range plan!


  • Download your Range Plan here. It will drop into your Downloads Folder.

  • Open the Range Plan in Excel (for more info, check out Excel. Explained.).

  • Complete the Hierarchy tab.

  • Start adding your products in the Range Plan tab.

  • Your Summaries will automatically create, just select the relevant tab.


Your Range Plan includes all of the below Colours, Currencies, Platforms & Fee calculations.

If you need to amend any of these or add any additional,
you can request your FREE CUSTOMISATIONS here*.

Anything in addition to these can be requested through the Customisations page.
They will be billed in 15-minute intervals costing £20 + VAT.


  • Black, White, Blue, Cream, Gold, Green, Grey, Multi,
    Orange, Other, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow


  • GBP (£), USD ($), AUSD ($), EURO (€)


  • Amazon (12% Selling Price)

  • eBay (10% (Selling Price + Postage) + 0.1)

  • Etsy (5% (Selling Price + Postage) + Listing Fee (based on Currency))

  • Event (0%)

  • Notonthehighstreet (25% Selling Price)


  • iZettle (2.8% Total)

  • Etsy Payments (% + Fee (based on Currency))

  • PayPal (2.9% Total + 0.2)

  • Stripe (EU Cards) (1.4% Total +0.2)

  • Stripe (Non EU Cards) (2.9% Total + 0.2)

  • Square (Chip&Pin/Contactless) (1.8% Total)

  • Square (Type In) (2.5%)

* Number of customisations will depend on your Tier level.

Summary pack

Your Summary Pack automatically calculates whenever you add new sales (clever, eh?) 
You'll find all of the following:

  • Monthly Product Summary

  • Monthly Product Summary: Units & Selling Value

  • Category Summary

  • Attribute Summary

  • Colour Summary

  • Supplier Summary

Want to add more summaries?
Head over to the Customisations page to ask!
All customisations will be billed in 30-minute intervals costing £25.


Your Range Plan uses drop-down menus to help you fill in your data quickly and accurately.

With some of your drop-downs, there is a long list to choose from
(e.g. Colour & Country), so make sure you scroll down to see all the options.

PRoduct Hierarchy & attributes

A little more insight to help you categorise and attribute your products.
Why do I need to do that, I hear you ask?
Let me show you.

Got a question?
Check out the FAQ's 
or contact us here