Sales & Analysis Tracker

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Thank you for buying the
flourish Sales & Analysis Tracker!


  • Download your Tracker here. It will drop into your Downloads Folder.

  • Open the Tracker in Excel (for more info, check out Excel. Explained.).

  • Complete the Hierarchy tab.

  • Start tracking your sales in the Sales & Orders tab.

  • Your Analysis will automatically create, just select the relevant tab.

Colours, Countries, CURRENCIES, PLATFORMS & FEEs

Your Tracker includes all of the below Colours, Countries, Currencies, Platforms & Fee calculations.

If you need to amend any of these or add any additional,
you can request your FREE CUSTOMISATIONS here*.

Anything in addition to these can be requested through the Customisations page.
They will be billed in 15-minute intervals costing £20 + VAT.


  • Black, White, Blue, Cream, Gold, Green, Grey, Multi,
    Orange, Other, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow


  • UK (GBR), USA (USA), Canada (CAN), Australia (AUS), Russia (RUS), China (CHN), Japan (JPN), India (IND), Austria (AUT), Belgium (BEL), Denmark (DNK), Finland (FIN), France (FRA), Germany (DEU), Ireland (IRL), Italy (ITA), New Zealand (NZL), Norway (NOR), Portugal (PRT), Spain (ESP), Sweden (SWE).


  • GBP (£), USD ($), AUSD ($), EURO (€)


  • Amazon (12% Selling Price)

  • eBay (10% (Selling Price + Postage) + 0.1)

  • Etsy (5% (Selling Price + Postage) + Listing Fee (based on Currency))

  • Event (0%)

  • Notonthehighstreet (25% Selling Price)


  • iZettle (2.8% Total)

  • Etsy Payments (% + Fee (based on Currency))

  • PayPal (2.9% Total + 0.2)

  • Stripe (EU Cards) (1.4% Total +0.2)

  • Stripe (Non EU Cards) (2.9% Total + 0.2)

  • Square (Chip&Pin/Contactless) (1.8% Total)

  • Square (Type In) (2.5%)

* Number of customisations will depend on your Tier level.

analysis pack

Your Analysis Pack automatically calculates whenever you add new sales (clever, eh?) 
You'll find all of the following:

  • Monthly Sales

  • Category Analysis

  • Sub-Category Analysis

  • Attribute Analysis

  • Colour Analysis

  • Country / Customer Analysis

  • Platform Analysis


Want to add more Analysis?
Head over to the Customisations page to ask!
All customisations will be billed in 30-minute intervals costing £25.


Your Sales Tracker uses drop-down menus to help you fill in your data quickly and accurately.

With some of your drop-downs, there is a long list to choose from
(e.g. Colour & Country), so make sure you scroll down to see all the options.

PRoduct Hierarchy & attributes

A little more insight to help you categorise and attribute your products.
Why do I need to do that, I hear you ask?
Let me show you.

Got a question?
Check out the FAQ's 
or contact us here