You’re on an exciting journey, and Flourish is coming with you.

From inception; your first employee and beyond, we want to support you at every stage.

Bringing you the insights of a Merchandising professional
whose career spans two decades; from the high street to online;
Flourish will help you to analyse, identify and action, to drive your business.


Your business is unique.
we help make you uniquely profitable.




The Flourish Insights cover all
the Merchandising topics which
will help your unique business develop and grow.


Whether you're starting out or scaling up, the Flourish Tool Kit
has everything you need to
drive your business.


Bespoke consultancy, training
and workshops. Perfectly
tailored for wherever you
may be on your journey. 


"Flourish is here to make Merchandising accessible
to small businesses
WITHOUT the big retail expense."

Merchandising is the stuff of big business.

Intrinsically linked to Buying, Merchandisers act as the 'accountant'
ensuring the right product, at the right time, at the right price.

This, in turn, generates sales and ultimately, profit.

Flourish is here to make Merchandising accessible to small businesses
WITHOUT the big retail expense.

Tailoring to your needs,
when you need it.

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Founded by a Merchandising professional, 

whose career spans almost two decades;
Sarah Johnson
has worked for
high street retailers including Arcadia,
online giant ASOS
and currently runs
her own small business.


Working her way from the ground up, Sarah started her career at River Island, before progressing her way through to Merchandiser at Debenhams and Arcadia.

As the landscape changed and moved online, Sarah was involved in the ASOS journey at the
pivotal point of explosion, working on branded and own buy product areas until she reached Head Of level.

The ultimate challenge came when she headed up the retail teams
for ASOS China, across both London and Shanghai.
As a result of what she and her team achieved, she received a Company Award for being 'Restlessly Innovative.'  

Starting her own small business in 2017, Sarah spotted that, while there were plenty of Merchandising Consultants, no one was focused on those embarking on their retail journeys,
or striving for growth.  

Deciding to put her passion for Merchandising to good use, Flourish was born.


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